A long, awaited return

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It has been a very long time since I have written something for *my blog*, and I feel like this is a very special post…

Some of you may recognize me for my old blog, Mind Reader, which I managed for four years. It feels like a really long time ago, doesn’t it? I began my journey as a book blogger, back when I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to do with my life, and blogging gave me hope. Hope of a new purpose, hope that I had chosen a path that would present new opportunities and connections.

I did not own a TV at that time, so I really had a lot of time to spare. And I will always be grateful for that, because that journey opened a lot of doors and introduced me to many people, some of which I now hold very dear.

However, as you all know, it cannot all be unicorns and rainbows, and with personal issues dragging me down a black hole, I was forced to interrupt my journey. All bloggers know that when book reviews begin to look like a burden rather than an escape, the best choice is to take a break.

Well, my break lasted two years. During that time, I rediscovered my love for books and what reading for pleasure is all about. I explored my other interests and overall, I simply took care of myself. Books are in my blood, though, and I realised I had to be true to myself and admit that I really missed blogging.

I had initially begun to give my old blog a new look, have some posts ready to schedule in advance, and simply give it a new name. However, after giving it a lot of thought, I reckoned the best option for me was to scrap everything and start entirely from scratch. Therefore, I thought it would be very appropriate to name my new blog Mind Reader 2.0, like a phoenix rising from its ashes. I got my own domain name and hosting (courtesy of Ashley @ Nose Graze), had my super awesome bestie Silvia @ Darkest Sins design my new look and I was ready to go!

So… What’s new with Mind Reader 2.0? This is now going to be more than just a book blog. Well, there are definitely going to be book reviews and bookish posts, but I will also be talking about everything and nothing… My other interests, for instance. There will be posts about anime and manga, recipes, movie reviews and anything else I feel worth talking about. The list is not exhaustive, though, as I don’t have everything figured out yet. You’ll simply have to come along and see what happens!

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the brand new look and rise of Mind Reader 2.0!

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22 responses to “A long, awaited return

    • Hello Stephanie, so thrilled you stopped by! Green is my favourite colour, too! Silvia created the header and adjusted all the colours in here, she’s simply an amazing designer!

  1. I love the design of your blog, Fran. It’s awesome. Welcome back. I think I need to introduce myself. I’m a new book blogger, only been blogging for more than six months but I think that I’ve learned a lot.

    Looking forward to your posts. 😁❤️

    • Hi Geybie, very nice to meet you, I’m so glad you stopped by! Thanks, I am very happy of how it turned out to be, too, but it wouldn’t be how it is now without Silvia’s brilliantly creative mind!
      Looking forward to seeing you here again soon!

  2. Sometimes you just need to take a break or change things up. I had that earlier this year were review were starting to feel like a burden and I had to switch things up and read more books that I wanted to read instead of only review books and now I feel a lot better about reading, reviewing and blogging again.

    It sounds like the break did you well and that’s great you’re back now :). And that sounds fun how you also plan to talk about other topics sometimes!

    • Hi Lola, thank you for stopping by! That never sits right, doesn’t it? It’s exactly like I was feeling when I made the decision to stop. I didn’t even pick up a book for pleasure for months!

      Hope you’ll stop by to see what else I’ve got in store. 🙂

  3. I like seeing other things on book blogs, like movie reviews, thoughts on TV shows or just whatever. It’s nice to see variety like that, and most of us have wide- ranging genre interests so why not right? Welcome back to the blogosphere!!

    • Hi Greg, it’s very nice to meet you, and thank you for stopping by! I totally agree with you, a bit of variety doesn’t hurt, right? 😉

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