Peterborough Comic-con 2018

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You guys know how much of a nerd I am, and how I love all things geek, anime, and fun, right? Two weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Peterborough’s first Comic-con, which took place at the Cresset Theatre.

Now, the only comic-cons I’ve been to in the past were the ones in London organised by Showmasters Events, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Truth is I hadn’t been to the Cresset before, and I had no idea how big/small it was going to be and what I would find, so I tried to keep my expectations at bay—or at least at a reasonable level.

The day started with me getting ready, cool tee and makeup. I did not cosplay, no, but don’t you think myMR2.0_PBOCC18_001 awesome tee from Cakes with Faces deserves some recognition? I’m not very good at taking selfies—as you have probably seen from my IG account—so I just had my bestie take a picture to show you how ready and excited I was! (And for those wondering, that pink object is my makeup bag, the Funko pop you see is little Anna from Frozen, and yes, I do have a Death Note wall scroll.) Happy to say that my tee had a lot of success among the attendees!

The cab ride was not that long, and maybe it was because I hadn’t attended a convention in a very long time, who knows, but when we got there it felt like I was seeing everything for the first time ever. There were people dressed up as all kinds of characters, things to look at, and I’ll be honest, it was quite overwhelming and I didn’t get to do some of the things I wanted, but I had a great time.



Collectibles Galore

There were so many stalls that I didn’t even know where to begin looking… Talk about geekiness overload!! I took over a hundred pictures throughout the day, but I chose those I liked the most. And, as a gamer and even if I am not specifically into that game, how could I not snap a pic of Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies??

This is the kind of place you need to bring a decent amount of money to spend, I wanted to buy everything… EVERY. SINGLE. THING. There were Funko pops, clothes, accessories, action figures, art prints, it truly felt like being in Pinocchio’s Toyland (minus the rides and the donkeys, lol).



So many talented people

The con was set on two floors, the ground for stalls and the stage for the Cosplay competition, and the first for the gaming area and some very cool workshops. Unfortunately the first floor was quite disappointing for me. I was very much looking forward to ‘explore’ the gaming area, but it was mostly for kids—even the gaming competition. I would have loved to experience this in a more adult level, hopefully things will be better next year.

The cosplay stall was really good, and I have to give kudos to Batman and Batgirl (who were also the judges in the cosplay contest), their costume were really impressive! There was also a lightsaber training session which I thought was quite cool.

Back to the stalls on the ground floor, I have to give lots and lots of kudos to all the talented artists who had a table, I wish I could have bought something from all of you!



Cosplay bonanza

And let’s not forget all the amazing cosplayers who attended Peterborough Comic-con 2018! These are just a couple of collages I made, too many beautiful people to display them all. 🙂 Unfortunately my pictures of the Cosplay competition weren’t that great, but I did enjoy it and I was happy to see so many different representations.

Silvia’s sister, Elena, was dressed as Ciel Phantomhive, and it was so cool to also find Grell & Undertaker! Maybe we’ll find Sebastian next year… 😏

Lastly, I am very excited to show you my purchases.


Aren’t these absolutely adorable??? The alpaca sketch (& button) are my absolute favourite, and I actually have a very sweet anecdote about the two awesome girls who were running the stall. We stopped at their stall to admire the artworks and the other bits they were selling and, all of a sudden, one of the two says, raising her voice: “Is that an alpaca shirt???”. You have no idea how hard my eyes were shining, I’d found another alpaca lover!! We immediately started to talk business alpacas, and I asked her if I could buy one of her commissioned sketches… Could I not have asked alpacas, of course?

The sketch was absolutely brilliant, but I have to say that these two girls were truly stars! Not only one of them came to find us (among the hundreds of people) to let us know that the sketches were being done then, but, also chased us through the crowd when I forgot to take one of our purchases. The two, kindest strangers people I’ve ever met. ❤ And don’t you think my kitty pen pot is just adorably cute? And, of course, could my Alpaca button have been anything other than green? 😉

If you can, please give APB Illustration and Becky Thornton a follow, they are truly talented!

Another mention goes to Jenika Ioffreda for creating such a pretty kitten (mine was a pocket mirror, with the kitty dressed in Japanese clothes). Very cute and kawaii! And let’s not forget about Naniiebim, whose illustrations, comics, and figurines are simply gorgeous. Hopefully they’ll all be present next year as well.

Overall, I had a wonderful time. Although the gaming area was a letdown for me, I had a blast, filled my bag with business cards, and got to experience a all the goodness of a geek convention with my friends.

Thank you for a fabulous day, Peterborough Comic-con, who knows, maybe next year I’ll get to cosplay, too… 😉


11 responses to “Peterborough Comic-con 2018

  1. Wow. It looks like you had a blast! I’ve been to San Diego’s Comic-Con a couple of times and I have to say, it’s a bit overwhelming. There’s just so many people and things to look at. I love when you’re able to find a gem among all the chaos. That alpaca pin is adorable.

    • I did!! It was overwhelming, which is quite surprising as I’ve been to a couple of LFCCs (triple the size) and they’ve been more exciting than overwhelming. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I haven’t been to one in eight years…
      I could almost feel the fluffiness of the alpaca!! =D

  2. Glad you enjoyed the con! Nice to see a picture of my Wonder Woman corset that I displayed!
    It was fun judging the masquerade with Katie Cosplays and The Dark Knight Cosplay.
    All the best Dax79

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much for stopping by!!! Totally loved your Leon cosplay, I wish I could have stopped by your stand properly. Hopefully you’ll be there next year as well!

      • I have been asked about next year, but I’m from the Channel Islands so it’s a long journey. I may be at another Pbro Con but I’m not sure which year.

        Keep an eye on my page for announcement’s on where I’m appearing next (As a guest or just casual)

        Glad you liked my Leon!!!

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome day! I’ve visited a few anime cons here in the past and they always were fun to attend. I always like seeing all the costumes and cosplays. It’s amazing.

    I also like alpaca’s. I have a big yellow alpaca plushie that my sister bought for me from a convention if I remember correctly. That’s nice the two girls were so nice who were running that stall were you got the alpaca sketch. It sure looks great and that button is so cute!

    • I had a wonderful time, Lola. I would’ve loved to take more picture of the cosplayers and WITH the cosplayers… Hopefully I’ll manage to be more ‘aware of my surroundings’ at the next one, lol!

      Yes, they were ADORABLE. I’ve been living in UK for almost ten years and I still get surprised by people’s kindness. 🙂

  4. I had a blast as well! 😀 Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go again, it was such a fun day! Also, you totally rock in that awesome T-shirt, and how great is that sketch? You sure know how much I love mine, but I think yours is super-cute and I’m so glad you opted for an alpaca one <3
    LOVE this post, bestie!

    • Thank you, Kristen, I’m glad you like the pictures! I honestly was taking pictures of anything that I could, only when I got home I realised I took over a hundred photographs…

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