I’m a freelance Editor (with fiction as the main focus) and a freelance writer with a passion for all things bookish! My love for books began many years ago, and since then I’ve been a publicist with experience in marketing, an author VA, and I currently work in the Publishing industry.

A few facts about me

  • Favourite colour: Green
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Favourite beverage: Tea
  • Favourite alcoholic drink: Vodka Lemon
  • I don’t have any tattoos, but I want one (at least!)
  • I had dark green hair at some point in my life


Interests: Food, gaming, technology, TV/movies, books, travel, anime & manga

My writing portfolio


 Some of the companies I have worked with in the past



As the title suggests, Mind Reader 2.0 is the rebirth of my old book blog, Mind Reader, which I had for over four years.

However, life got in the way and I was forced to take a hiatus that lasted two years. During this time, I focused on other hobbies of mine, and it wasn’t long before books were calling to me again.

I re-discovered the pleasure of reading a book just for the sake of it (and not because I had to) and that brought me to the decision of returning to blog again. My past experiences showed me how to put things under a new perspective, and that is why Mind Reader 2.0 is not just a book blog. It’s where all my hobbies and interests reunite.